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General Communication / Updates:
We primarily communicate updates to league participants via Facebook at Bossier LL Facebook . So if you haven't already "liked" us there to follow us, do so now. You can DM us there for info but be sure and read this page closely as we'll redirect you here for answers if they are documented below. Secondly, we monitor the email at [email protected] closely and there is a phone number posted, but we do not monitor the phone as diligently because we are all volunteers and have normal jobs/commitments.

Registration Summary/Dates:
BLL offers 2 seasons annually. Spring and Fall. If you create an account on this website, you'll receive an email reminder when we open and close registration

Summary Spring Season Info
(detailed dates in calendar below)
Summary Fall Season Info
(detailed dates in calendar below)
Registration opens Dec 4
Registration ends February 10
Registration opens first week in July
Registration ends 2nd week in August
Coaches Meeting - usually second week in Feb
(Sunday afternoon the weekend registration ends)
Skills Assessment - second week in Feb
will occur before draft dates
Draft - only head coaches to attend. Will occur directly
following the coaches meting in Mid February.
Coaches Meeting - second week in August
(Sunday the weekend registration closes)
Skills Assessments - None in Fall
Draft - only head coaches to attend. Will
occur directly following coaches meeting in Mid August
Practices will begin - your coach will let you know when
practices start but most likely beginning the week after
the draft in mid-February.
Games will begin first week in April
Practices will begin - your coach will let you know when
practices start but most likely beginning the week after
the draft in mid-August.
Games - will begin first week in September
All baseball and softball players needing to be drafted to
a team  (not already on a team) are REQUIRED to attend
a skill assessment. These are not tryouts, but an opportunity
to assess each players skill to ensure competitive balance
and safety. These drafts will be posted prominently for each
age division.
Players are allowed (and expected) to play up w/o assessments
in Fall. (ie if they are 6 now but will be 7 next spring. Expectation
is that you will play up in 7-8 age division (to prep for next springs
Fall league is instructional in nature, no need for coaches to go
crazy with uniforms. We encourage coaches to support a "T shirt league"
in the Fall.
 Fall 2023 Important Dates 
Date to close "Fully Rostered Team" Registration: 8/11
Date to close "Individual Player" (drafted players) Registrations: 8/18
Fall Coaches Meeting and Draft 8/20 at the Blue Building @2pm (only coaches  attend)
Practices start date: Week of 8/21 (wait for a coach to contact you for specifics)
Games begin: 9/12
No assessments for fall 

Registration Age/Age Divisions:

Every year we get calls / emails from parents with the question for example "My players is 6 (could be any age... but for examples sake say 6) years old but your system makes me register him for 8u Coach Pitch, how do we get signed up for TeeBall?" The issue is that your player is a "LEAGUE AGE 7". meaning his birthdate being after Aug 30 places him in the 8u division. This "league age" will follow your player forever in youth baseball. More info on how players will be placed in a division based on his or her “League Age”  and how it is calculated according to Little League age policy can be found at the following link League Age page for more information (Registration> Little League Age Calculator & Charts)

Play Up/Play Down requests:
All players are required to register for the Division as determined by their birth date, you can then coordinate your request (up or down) with the VP of Baseball / Softball during scheduled assessments for your players league age. The general policy is to never allow a player to skip a Division. You may only Petition to Play Up if you have already completed a season in the Division you would otherwise be registered for. In addition, our policy recognizes a difference between players where the Little League age cutoff separates them from their grade level peers. The full policy can be found here Bossier LL Play Up/Down Policy

What's the "wait list"?
If you miss registration, you can sign up on the wait list, just like registering for spring/fall... however it will be zero cost. If we need additional players in an age group to fill a roster for any reason, we'll reach out to you in the order you registered and ask if you're still interested... if so you can pay your fees and you'll be good to go.  Registration is open for over 2 months in Spring and over a month for Fall. We send multiple reminder emails, post signs at schools and on digital advertising boards around town and make many reminder posts on our social media accounts... there is really no excuse to miss a registration, but hopefully this helps some of you that it does sneak up on for whatever reason.

Your player will only require a glove to participate. Once drafted to a team you can speak to your coach about additional needs (cleats, pants colors, helmet etc). Bats are tightly regulated by Little League so be sure and follow those regulations if you choose to get a bat (Bat Rules). Coaches will coordinate uniforms acquisition for spring seasons. They may seek team sponsorship or coordinate fundraising efforts to cover costs.

Coaches Background Check
Head Coaches and Assistants will be required to pass a background check prior to beginning the season. We do not run these inhouse as we don't want to be a middle man when handling your personal identifiable information, so we will send your contact into to JDP (JDPalentine) who manages all background checks for LL International. You will receive and email from them asking you to login to their system and complete a questionnaire. They will forward the completed background checks to us for final review. This only needs to be completed once annually... so if you have a completed check on file with US for spring, you are clear for the Fall.

Games/Practices (when, how often etc)?  
Expect 10-12 games depending on weather in Spring (8-10 in Fall). Typically games are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday nights, you will usually play 1-2 games weekly. Usually the first games start at 5:30 and the second at 7PM, some slight variances may occur depending on age groups as older kids play longer games. Some wee-ball games may be scheduled on Saturday mornings if weather forces us to push the schedule but that will not be the norm. Practice slots (day/time) will be drawn randomly by your coaches during the draft so they will communicate those to you once you are drafted to a team. Usually practices only occur before the season starts as the park will be full with games nightly.

Where do Softball teams practice and play games? 
Typically our softball teams practice and play games at Meadowview park at 4208 Shed Rd - BLL Softball Google Maps Link .

Where do Baseball teams practice and play games? 
Typically our baseball teams practice and play games at Clifford Almond park at 4800 Shed Rd - BLL Baseball Google Maps Link . 

How do I request a coach? 
There is a field on the on-line registration form that allows you to enter a coach's name for request.  Keep in mind that we can NOT guarantee these requests but we will make your requests visible to all drafting coaches during the drafting process so they can choose to fill their rosters as they best see fit. Did you forget to do this during your initial registration? You can edit your registration by logging into your account, out to the right of your players name click the ellipses (3 dots) and choose edit registration. 

Can I request my child to be on a "friends team" ? 
You can request this during your registration, however all we can do is make your request visible to coaches during the drafting process. We can NOT guarantee any "friend requests". Coaches will choose requested paired players if at all possible usually, they understand ride-sharing and other issues exist. 

How do I get involved with the BLL board of directors? 
If interested in joining or helping out the board or at the park in any way please email [email protected] . PLEASE don't hesitate! We're all volunteers and we'd love to have your input and assistance to improve our children's experience at bossier little league.

Challenger Ball Program
Our Challenger program is our Little League certified adaptive baseball program for individuals with physical and intellectual challenges. Any individual with a physical or intellectual challenge may participate and our league is glad to fund this program to support our community. You can learn more about the Challenger program here - 

We play our challenger games at our new ADA field built by bossier parks especially for our League at Tinsley Park!

2023 Fall Challenger Program - Important Dates
Games Start Friday Sep 15 6pm and 7pm
Last Games  Friday Oct 20 6pm and 7pm

Spring 2024 Calendar

All divisions registration close Friday, February 9, 2024. 

FEB 12: COACHES MEETING (changed to  Feb 12  on 2/1)
Considering volunteering or planning to coach? Attend the coaches meeting at 6:30PM at the Blue Building at Clifford Almond Park. 

Assessments are Tuesday 2/13 and Thursday 2/15. These allows prospective coaches to familiarize themselves with all players available for drafting. All assessments are held at the Clifford Almond complex.  If your child can not attend the assessments, he or she will be placed on a team at random.

Baseball Assessments
2/13 5:30 PM - Field 7 – Ages 11-13
2/13 7:00 PM - Field 1 – Ages 9-10
2/15 5:30 PM - Field 5 – Age 5-6 T-ball
2/15 7:00 PM - Field 6 – Ages 7-8

Softball Assessments
2/13 5:30 PM – Field 2 - Ages 9-10
2/13 7:00 PM – Field 2 - Ages 11-13
2/15 5:30 PM – Field 3 - Ages 7-8
2/15 5:30 PM - Field 5 – Age 5-6 T-ball
** No 3-4 year old T-ball assessments **
FEB 20-22:  DRAFT 
Coaches only will meet to draft teams and decide on practice schedules. Coaches will reach out to parents/players later this week.

Tue 2/20 5:30 PM - Ages 11-13
Tue 2/20 7:00 PM - Ages 9-10
Thr 2/22 5:30 PM - Ages 6u T-Ball
Thr 2/22 7:30 PM - Ages 7-8
Tue 2/20 5:30 PM - Ages 9-10
Tue 2/20 7:00 PM - Ages 11-13
Thr 2/22 5:30 PM - Ages 7-8

APRIL 1: SEASON OPENS with Opening Ceremonies.
Spring ball starts the first week in April. We will have an opening day ceremony with a parade, first pitch, and plenty of snacks to eat. 

We will play 10 to 12 spring season games depending on division and weather. Anticipate 1 to 2 games per week on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday and 4-5 Co-ed T-Ball could possibly play some games on Saturdays.

Anticipate 1-2 practices per week on (possibly more before season begins at older age levels). Coaches will choose the practice times during the draft and communicate these to parents.

Weather will most likely cause us to schedule make up games whenever we can find time and coordinate with umpires and coaches.

PRESEASON TOURNEY:  To be discussed at Preseason coaches meeting.

Tournament dates will be scheduled at the end of regular season play. We will play a single elimination tournament with seeding based on regular season standings in each age division.

Season ends before end of May (weather has a lot to say about the exact dates).

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