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Before beginning the registration process please read the following:

1.   The Baseball/Softball Division pages provide a description of our baseball and softball divisions  (Programs drop-down menu from BLL’s main menu)

2.   Players will be placed in a division based on his or her “League Age” as calculated according to Little League age policy.  Please see our League Age page for more information (Registration> Little League Age Calculator & Charts )

3.   All baseball and softball players needing to be drafted to a team (not already on a team) are REQUIRED to attend a Skills Assessment Day session.  These are not tryouts; each player who signs up will be placed on a team.  This is an opportunity to assess each player’s skills to ensure competitive balance and safety. These dates will be posted prominently for each season.


All registrations are completed online. When registering, be sure to use the account you created in previous years. First time users will need to create an account.  Please click on the Register button in the top right-hand corner to create an account and register your players. 

Full payment of the registration fee is required at the time of registration. Registration will be open from December 14th, 2021 to February 11th, 2022 for the Spring 2022 season.  We will not be able to accommodate registration requests received after this date.


Operational costs differ by division (Umpires, equipment, insurance, maintenance, etc.).  Registration fees for the 2022 Bossier Little League season are as follows:

Division  FEE
 3-4 "Wee Ball" T-Ball (Co-ed) $50
 5-6 Competitive T-Ball $100
 7-8 Coach Pitch$125
 9-10 Player Pitch$125
 11-13 Boys Intermediate$125
 11-12,13-15 Softball$125
 Additional Family Discount -$10



Your player will only require a glove. Once drafted to a team you can speak to your coach about additional needs (cleats, pants colors, helmet etc). Bats are tightly regulated by Little League so be sure and follow those regulations if you choose to get a bat (Bat Rules). Coaches will coordinate uniforms acquisition for spring seasons. They may seek team sponsorship or coordinate fundraising efforts to cover costs.


Registration will end on Feb 11th. 

Coaches Meeting  Feb 13th in the blue building @ 2PM

Baseball Assessments:

Field 1

Tues 2/15 5:30 PM Boys 11-13
Tues 2/15 7:00 PM Boys 9-10

Thur 2/17 5:30 PM Coed T-Ball 5-6
Thur 2/17 7:00 PM Boys 7-8

*N/A for 3-4 T-ball "wee ball"


Softball Assessments:

Field 2

Tues 2/15 5:30 PM Girls 9-10
Tues 2/15 7:00 PM Girls 11-12

Thur 2/17 7:00 PM Girls 7-8

*N/A for 3-4 T-ball "wee ball"
Baseball Draft:

Blue Building

Wed 2/16 5:30 PM Boys 9-10
Wed 2/16 7:00 PM Boys 11-13

Fri 2/18 5:30 PM T-ball ALL Ages
Fri 2/18 7:00 PM Boys 7-8

Softball Draft:

Blue Building

Wed 2/16 5:30 PM Girls 9-10
Wed 2/16 7:00 PM Girls 11-13

Fri 2/18 5:30 PM T-ball ALL Ages
Fri 2/18 7:00 PM Girls 7-8


Registration Listing

2022 Spring Challenger League

Challenger league this season will be coordinated by Travis Hatten at Bossier LL. He can be reached at 423.304.2935 or [email protected] for questions. for more information.

Any individual with a physical or intellectual challenge may participate. If an individual can participate in the traditional Little League Baseball or Softball program with reasonable accommodations they should do so.

All Ages of Challenger Ball


2022 Spring

2022 Baseball/Softball and Challenger Division Registration.

T-Ball Changes
A few changes this year to age divisions for Tball. This year we will offer Wee Ball / T-ball for ages 3-4, ages 5-6 will play competitive T-ball then at age 7 players will graduate to coach pitch.

Boys Intermediate Division (ages 11-13)
Players may register and play in the Intermediate division but if chosen for postseason play (all-stars) they may choose to play Majors if they are younger than 13.

Challenger Division:
This league is for individuals with a physical or intellectual challenge only. Every year we have a handful of kids that have parents register them accidentally for challenger because 1) it was free, or 2) it was the only available division. Baseball and Softball teams will be formed before we start the challenger season so we will not be able to get your players onto a normal team if you accidentally register them for Challenger.

Please read:
If you have questions about why you don't see an available division for your child its probably because their birthday falls on or after a cutoff date making them too young or too old for leagues we offer ( ie. 14 year old divisions). You can check your players "league age" at the following site - and you may email us for support at [email protected]

Boys 11 -13 - Intermediate

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Boys 9-10 (Player Pitch)

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Boys 7-8 Coach Pitch

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Boys Competitive Tee Ball (5-6 Year Old)

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Softball (13-15)

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Softball (11-12)

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Softball (9-10) Player Pitch


Softball (7-8) Coach Pitch

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Girls Competitive Tee Ball - (5-6 Year Old)

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Co-ed Tee Ball (3-4 year old)

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